Our Mission Statement

why we do what we do

Silver Lining Studio is our passion project and it originated from Vicky’s love for image making and Antonio’s love for creating tangible lasercut art.
We want to create cool lasercut and papercut stuff with a very personal touch. Things that make people’s life just a little more fun, to celebrate life in a creative way. But we don’t want to produce things in bulk. This is a passion project and we want to stay passionate about it. So no mass production.
We don’t want to make things that you see all over Pinterest, we want to give it a twist, to make it a little bit more unique. We don’t make “live, laugh, love” signs. ☺️
We mainly create our own designs that you can buy in our webshop, but every design will come in a limited edition and designs will change regularly.
The only work-on-demand we do, is our customized portrait service.

Creativity over revenu. Passion over turnover. That’s what we want to stand for.