Vicky is the creative brain behind Silver Lining Studio.
She's the head (and only member) of the creative team.
She designs everything for the studio and lets Antonio handle all the technical stuff.
(you got to know your strengths and your weaknesses, amiright?)

Vicky is married to Antonio and is the dog mom of Alice, Mellow & Pancho.
She's also a videographer and portrait photographer at SILVER SIXPENCE STORIES and makes illustrations and little animated video's.

Antonio is the technical brain behind Silver Lining Studio.
He's the head (and only member) of the Technical Team.
He's the one doing all the actual lasercutting work and knows everything about the materials and their specifications.

Antonio is married to Vicky and is the dog dad of Alice, Mellow & Pancho.
He's also an IT specialist and the man behind the tattoo inspired wall art: BLACK LINING