Never Let Me Go (wall art)




“Never Let Me Go” – wall art

In these weird times where we can’t hug our loved ones, we tried to create a tactile image to portray the comfort of a hug.
And with this piece of wall art you can give somebody a hug, without the risk of exposing them or yourself to illness.
We can send them your hug directly, with a personal note.

This piece consists of 1 layers of painted MDF wood (6mm thick).
To hang this piece to the wall, you only need a small nail.


W:  23 cm / H: 30 cm / D: 0,6 cm

Please note that all our items are handmade. We designed them ourselves. All the parts are lasercut. We assembled, glued and painted everything by hand. Therefor the bought item may differ slightly from the one on the photo on this website.