Daffodils Bouquet


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Daffodils Bouquet (3 flowers included, vase is not included)

There is nothing better than fresh, beautiful flowers on your table. We will never deny that. BUT we do think our little wooden bouquets can be an excellent addition to your flower filled house.
They don’t really smell like flowers, we know … but on the plus side: they never wilt, you never have to trim their stems and you can never forget to water them!

The stem of the flowers consists of one layer of plywood (3mm thick), the flowers consist of 3 layers of 3mm thick plywood.
Because the stems of these flowers aren’t painted, you might see a few small burn marks. We however try to keep those to a minimum.

H: 20 -23 cm

Please note that all our items are handmade. We designed them ourselves. All the parts are lasercut. We assembled, glued and painted everything by hand. Therefor the bought item may differ slightly from the one on the photo on this website.