Black Clouds With a Side of Sun – Necklace (XL)




This isn’t just a necklace, baby. This is a statement. This is you saying: “yo! i don’t mind them dark clouds! ‘coz i know sun is hiding behind them yo!” (ok, i’m sorry, that was weird)
Or maybe it’s just you showing you have great taste and are not afraid to show the whole wide world how unique you are. That it always stops raining at one point and the sun will break through.
How cool is it to have a piece of the sky hanging around your neck? And everytime you walk, the raindrops make a little happy dance. 🙂

Dimensions: Length necklace: 50 cm – the colour of the necklace is “old bronze”

Hanger (3 layers of 3mm MDF wood painted in black or yellow): W: 12 cm / H: 5 cm / D: 0,9 cm

Please note that all our items are handmade. We designed them ourselves. All the parts are lasercut. We assembled, glued and painted everything by hand. Therefor the bought item
 may differ slightly from the one on the photo on this website.