For the wedding of Lut & Philippe, we made several items.
Vicky designed their wedding invitation and we made this wooden book cover for their ceremony booklet based on that design. All guests received a ceremony booklet with this quote on from a poem from South African writer Antjie Krog: “ek wil jou so graag gelukkig maak” (I want to make you so happy). A poem that’s really important to Lut & Philippe.
Lut & Philippe are sailors so for the design we incorporated a simple, pure waves icon. Waves are a relevant symbol for life and love. Especially these two lovely people, who already lived through some turbulent occurences in life, but are stronger than ever and manage the highs and lows together as a team. That’s why we also chose to leave the scorching as is; we wanted the engraving to be a little rough round the edges. The rope is knotted by Philippe in a specific sail knot, again as a little reference to their love for sailing.
The little wooden board can afterwards be put on the wall as a sort of decoration. We love to make things that can be used for a longer time, that serve multiple purposes.