Do you think we can help you with your ideas and add a little bit more YOU to it? Let us know all about it and we'll get in touch soon!


(Je mag dit formulier ook gerust in het Nederlands invullen.
On parle aussi le Français, donc n'hésitez pas de nous répondre en Français.)

Hello, my name is:
and I need something made for a wedding/birth/gift/ ... :
I would need this design made by:
I prefer to pick it up (in Landen) or have it send to me trough a postal package:
I really liked this design you made:
You can reach me at:
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Some other things I wanted to mention:

A few important things to know about our services.


We only make own designs and every design is unique. We don't re-make custom made designs, so if you order something custom made from us, you can be sure you're the only one with that design. If you really like something we made earlier, we can use that as a base, but we always add a new twist, we always add a bit of YOU. We don't copy designs from other people or from Pinterest. You can always make a moodboard of ideas, we'll certainly use that as inspiration. If you let us be creative, we promise you we won't let you down.

We don't do mass productions, there are other companies more equiped to help you with very big orders.


We only work with recyclable materials (paper and wood), if we use paint we only use eco-friendly paint. We don't work with plastic unless we can work with leftover materials, but that's usually only possible for small items in a limited edition


We're a 2 perons team and we treat every project as a precious gift and want to give you our all. So we only accept a limited amount of projects.

Since everything is custom made by 2 actual human beings and a lasercutter (that is operated by those humans) the turnover time van vary, depending on the extent of the project. When you ask for a quotation, we will always add the turnover time, so you can decide if that works for you.