Did you know you can make wood bendable? By cutting a certain pattern in the wood, you can bend it.
So we made little wooden books for the vows of this very sweet couple. We’ve named them “belofteboekjes” (Dutch for “promise books”). We can engrave anything on the cover and there are an infinite amount of ways to add paper or a little notebook inside of this wooden bookcover.
That’s what we’re discovering every day … how the possiblities are endless and so should be are creativity. We’re not interested in doing the same things over and over again. We want to work as personal and customized as possible, so we’ll think together with you what way complements your style and concept the best way.
We’re using this bookcover concept for more than just weddings. Vicky herself is now using this to offer her clients of Silver Sixpence Stories their USB-stick and some small prints.
(the engraving on the cover “dit beloof ik jou” means “this i promise you”)