We got a last-minute question from Anna & Jan, for whom we already made something for their upcoming wedding day. While their big day approached they realized they didn’t really have a lot of table decorations. One could say: flowers are always a good idea. But while flowers always ARE a good idea, that’s not really what they wanted. Anna & Jan wanted a more nature friendly alternative, they didn’t want fresh flowers because at every wedding they attented to, their hearts always broke when they saw all those beautiful flowers that were cut off and were going to wither in the next days. And time was ticking, so dried flowers weren’t an option anymore. So we presented them these little wooden flowers. It was something Vicky wanted to try anyway, so why not now? When opportunity presented itself?
Luckily they had a small party, because we had to make these in a VERY short amount of time. 😅
They ordered a few flowers per guest, so the guests could take these flowers home if they wanted to. Decorations and thank you gifts in one! 🙌🏻