For some very dear friends of us, we made this personalised illustrated portrait of them to hang on their wall. (Yes, our friends are doomed ’till the end of times to always receive lasercut gifts 😉 )
It was based on a wedding picture Vicky made of them. She made a one-line-drawing of them and Antonio cut it out of MDF wood and painted it black.
Vicky loves to draw and Antonio loves to create wall art, so this is the kind of projects we’re very excited about. It’s not the easiest kind of projects, because they take more time because they’re so tailored to each customer. So, if you’re interested in these types of things (it doesn’t have to be wall art, it can for instance also be a piece of jewelry or something else …) get in touch with us and let us know what your wishes are. We’ll give you a tailor-made offer, since there isn’t a fixed price for this. It all depends on project to project and the time it will take to create it.